Open Recruitment of ESP Great Present (EGP) is Open!

Hi everyone,^^

ESP Great Event is the greatest event of ESP’s 2015 period. Last year, the ESP Great Event or EGP for short, held an open debate competition and Seminar plus talk show event. The open debate competition is called ESP Open Debate Competition or EODC. It was an open debate competition for east java level. For Seminar event we invited general consulate of Japanese and USA, also, we invited Prof. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti for our information resource about Study Abroad and international study experience on our talk show event.

This year, we need YOU to participate in OUR EGP, check this out!



Everyone can do remarkable thing If they have 3 thing: bravery, hope, and help…. So, use this chance to PROVE YOURSELF that YOU CAN create a remarkable EGP event……

We learn together…\(^o^)/

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